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Choose the car to hire for your holidays in Crete

How to choose the proper car for your needs - Tips by Eurocar

choose the right carChoosing the car you need is of significant importance if you want to have a comfortable and convenient transportation in Crete during your stay. We can help you choose the most proper car for your needs.

Economy car hire

If you are on a tight budget and you are travelling in Crete by yourself or with your partner or friend, you can hire a small, compact and economy car.

Prices for these cars are really affordable and they are ideal cars for the big cities and short distance trips to the nearby beaches or villages.

Hire a family car

Eurocar Car Hire suggests you to opt for a family car if you are more than two persons and you are carrying some luggage with you. This type of cars is very convenient for small groups or families, as they are comfortable, spacious and can take you easily to long trips within the island.

Hire an Off road vehicle

If you are up to something more adventurous, you should hire an off road vehicle ( four wheeled car). Some remote areas in Crete, villages or even beaches will require some extra horse power and 4-wheels drive. Safety and convenience are the main advantages of these cars.

Hire a Mini Van

If you are a big group or large family, there are mini vans and SUVs available. You can hire one of the big and spacious cars of the fleet that can seat seven to nine people easily.

Luxury cars

Luxury cars or cars for people with special needs are also available at Eurocar Crete Car Hire upon request.

Automatic and Manual Cars

Eurocar offers you the chance to choose among automatic or manual transmission cars; you can choose what suits your driving habits and abilities the best, although fully automatic cars are not very popular or common in Crete.

Keep in mind that although it can be quite tempting to hire a big and impressive car, it’s better to opt for something that meets your needs and requirements the best. Economy cars consume less gas than SUVs and they are more convenient in the city. Before choosing what car to hire you should always consider your itinerary and needs during your stay in Crete.  


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