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I am a returning customer and I can say that as always the service provided by Crete Car hire was extremely professional. I will be using the service again, because every time I feel that I am dealing with a dependable business and with decent people.

Coming to a country where you don’t actually speak the language but you still feel good about being here is not easy at all. It happens to me when I come to Crete and rent a car from Crete Car Hire, that is why I sincerely recommend it.

Asad Mugabee,

Thanks for the useful information

Crete Car Hire people gave me hints on what to check, where to find gas stations, how to check prices. I was pretty pleased with everything because there were no hidden charges or additional fees.

Kristin Hedelbock

Job well done!

It is very rare for me to rent a car when we travel. Of course, if the needs come to rent a car when we are in another destination, then I rent. Many times I like to just walk, but many time also the fastest way to get from one point to another place is to ride a car. Especially if you have many places to see and there’s always so little time to spend.

This is the first time that my wife and I visited Crete. And you know there are so many wonderful sites to see in Crete. There was an ancient culture here and one always feels a little humble to see all the ruins. More so when you see what rough terrain they had to work with. Me and my wife we wanted to see all that plus of course the ancient olive groves. Crete is very famous for olives a thousand years old. I heard that when the 2004 Olympics was here, they were looking for leaves of olives from the oldest trees, and they found the oldest trees in Crete.

It’s a good thing that a friend advised us before to hire car rental before our arrival in Crete because it is the best way to explore the island. So I browsed some car rental agencies based in Crete. Like in any purchases I usually make online or offline, I am also fond of shopping the internet and comparing prices to get a good deal.

After checking around in the sites, I decided to make a reservation at  It was one of the best decisions that I made. We got a super excellent service at a very reasonable price!!! I like the car choices they offered. Not very fancy, but who wants fancy cars when you are travelling like a tourist! No you don’t want exciting cars, especially in Crete, because all the excitement is in the place itself. In Crete, the place is the star, not the car.

I booked for a Citroen C3 through the website and it was exactly the car that was assigned to us. I am so pleased that the car I reserved online was the right car waiting for us at Heraklion airport. Not having fancy car does not mean not having fancy service. Oh I like it that they were so very thoughtful to have the car waiting for us at the airport. We had a good ride to our hotel.

And when we started going around to the exciting places to see, we had everything going nice. No trouble at all.  One morning my wife said we must go to the Monastery of Savathiana. She wanted to see how the nuns they make embroidery using the traditional Cretan method called the kopanelli. My wife she was very thrilled because she likes to embroider things.

Everything went out smoothly as planned on our holiday. I would like to thank you guys at "Car Hire in Crete - Eurocar" for the job well done! Keep it up! We shall be back for more…

Johann Maier
Strassburg, Austria

Good prices - Very helpful stuff

I have to say I was very pleased with everyone at the Crete Car Hire. They were straight forward from the beginning; they told me what I needed to do and what I had to be careful of, how to drive in Crete etc. It was good experience, because I was given a few options to choose from and all guys I talked to were helpful and well informed.

Prices were good too. I checked other car hire agencies too, so I can say that they were pretty competitive. I would recommend it, why not?

Jonathan Meyers,

Everything in Eurocar was very efficient, like a good motorcar

I am not always trustful about rental car agencies. Many times I make advance reservations, and then when I try to call for the car that I reserved, it is disappearing. The rental rates that are published in their website not always honoured, or sometimes additional charges are made that I don’t know about. But when I went to Crete again for a short holiday, I thought to rent a car because in my first visit here I was just hiking and walking around and so I did not see much of the rest of this magnificent island. This time I hired a car from the Eurocar company and try to get a good, efficient car. It was very good.

The website was very easy to navigate and simple. The confirmation email arrived promptly. When I arrived in Crete to pick up the car, it was there. They had the car and the papers ready, and I signed. I was finished at their office in less than five minutes. Very efficient! And so I had plenty of time to really go around Crete, to visit the places I missed the last time I was here. And the rental rate? It was exactly as their website said; nothing unknown to me was added. It was all very efficient, like a good motorcar. I like them. I will rent from them again.

Helmut Weidmann
Stuttgart, Germany

Great prices - Excellent services

This was the second time I visited Crete and the second time I did business with Crete Car Hire. I am satisfied with the customer service given, as well as the overall pricing structure.

Desmond Lukas

I will definitely be using them again

I was in Crete to settle some business over the summer. I was going be very busy, but I thought to take some time off to see other sights on the island. So I decided to book a car rental ahead. I am quite impressed by the booking experience I had with Eurocar Car Hire in Crete and could not find fault in it. It was very clear, logical, and concise going through the site, and booking was a straightforward process. Something about the whole system gave me a sense of security that nothing would go wrong with the reservation, unlike the usual you expect in car rentals.

When I presented my online reservation confirmation at the office, everything was already arranged and proceeded like a clockwork. And upon returning of the car, the same efficiency was there and trouble free. No hassle at all. I am truly impressed and pleased with what they did. The efficient processing gave me more than enough time to go where I wanted to. I have already recommended your website for my friends and family to use when they go to Crete. As for me, I will definetely be using them again.

Pieter Roeloffs
Delft, Netherlands

Just a small problem with email confirmation

This was going to be my first visit to Crete from Sweden and I tried so very hard to plan carefully the trip. It is probably my first and my last visit so I wanted to make sure I see the best there is in Crete. I decided to hire a car online and looked at many websites, finally choosing the online booking for to make my car reservation. I already made my reservation but I had waited for the email confirmation plus the link to validate my transaction but it never arrived. I am surprise because it was all very strange. And after waiting two days, I finally decide to send a email to inquire about my car reservation and I explained my trouble. The car hire company sent an email back to me that they thought maybe the email they sent to me went into my junk-mail as spam. They said it happened with several clients they had, that there email was no receipt because of spam. I checked in the junk folder, and they were right. Their email confirmation was sent days ago. That was the only problem I had with cretecarhire-eurocar. And then everything was perfect from that time.

I got the car delivered at Heraklion airport and it was very clean and comfortable. There staff was very nice and smiling, and gave me good answers to my questions about highlights in Crete for tourist like me. They even gave wonderful suggestions. One advice I really appreciate was they told me not to go to Elafonissi before 4 p.m. And they were right because that is the perfect time, many visitors are leaving at this time, and the beautiful lagoon becomes os quiet, serene, and majestic again. I must thank the Eurocar staff, they gave me a good car and a great time in Crete. Keep up the good work!

Sven Berger
Karlskrona, Sweden

Highly recommended car hire services at Heraklion airport

Eurocar staff members were polite, friendly and very professional. They were very well informed about the cars of their fleet and they were willing to give me options to choose. I was given the option to have my car waiting for me at the Heraklion airport, thus I didn’t lose time collecting it from their offices.

Prices were affordable and reasonable. In short I was pleased because Crete Car Hire delivered what they claimed to do, therefore I would not hesitate recommending it to friends or anyone else who visits the island of Crete.

Ronnie Higgins

Very good job - See you at our next visit to Crete

Thanks for an efficient, courteous and fast service. Above all we need to say that service was good value for money. A friend of ours who had visited the island of Crete recommended the company and now we know why.

We don’t have any doubt that we will be calling you again upon our next visit to Crete and we will recommend it to our friends too. Thanks a lot and keep doing a good job.

Ian and Anne Pettman,

Car replacement and upgrade with no extra charge

I chanced to have some spare time. On impulse, I thought I’d spend it in this rugged and utterly lovely island of Crete. I remember Kriti well, mainly because as a child in the 1970s, I had always heard my grandfather, who was in the Royal Navy during the Second World War, talk about Crete and the important strategic role it played in the battles in the Mediterranean. There is much history in Crete. Now that, surely, is an understatement.

I walked into the Eurocar Car Hire office in Crete and got myself a jaunty Renault Clio. It wasn’t quite like the cars one could get back home, but it was in top condition and had good suspensions. That was a stroke of good luck, for the car proved very ideal for driving over the bumpy roads of the island’s interior areas. I enjoyed exploring the traditional villages that you find there, all filled with friendly people, and you get a sense of the inner toughness that made these people create a robust culture and mighty civilisation right here, thousands of years ago.

About two days before I was to end my holiday, I motored to the mountainous area of Sfakia. When I got into town, I noticed that the engine had become overheated. I called the car hire company immediately and told them about the problem. They said they would send a replacement car over, and they would arrange for road assistance to come and pick up the car. I just strolled around and had some tea while I waited for the replacement car to arrive. It didn’t look long either, just under 90 minutes, which must be a world record for driving from Chania to Hora Sfakion. I was quite pleased to see they had sent one belonging to a higher category than the Clio. That was pretty sporty of them. I had a truly wonderful time in Crete. I’m grateful that the chaps at Eurocar took it upon themselves to see to it that nothing would spoil my holiday, not even an overheated engine. I’ll surely use Eurocar Crete Car hire again.

Chris Heath
Essex, UK


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