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Pleasant and safe driving in Crete

How to drive safely in the roads of Crete

If you have never been to Greece or Crete before, driving can be a daunting experience at the beginning. People of Crete are famous for their rather free spirited way of driving, while road condition may vary depending in different areas.

Provided that you follow some basic tips and drive carefully, there is nothing to be afraid of. Quite opposite actually, since Cretan roads and drives are quite scenic and enjoyable.

Tips to remember while driving in Crete

road signs in CreteEurocar suggests you to bring your GPS with you. It can be useful, especially if you are driving towards remote areas and villages in the island, as there are no detailed road and map signs in smaller villages in Crete.

Always have a map with you; do not read it while driving though. It’s always better to stop at the side and check your map, especially if the place you are at is not included in your GPS maps for some reason.

As summers in Crete can be quite hot, especially during July and August, you are advised to avoid driving when it is too hot and busy. Avoid rush hours in the big cities and try to avoid the sun as well; tourists who are not used to high temperatures can always use the A/C in their cars while driving so as to ensure a pleasant drive.

It’s always a good idea to keep some cold drinks and small snacks in the car, especially when going on longer trips and excursions, or if you have small kids on board. Having some entertainment options for kids is also recommended, although you should avoid things that may attract your attention while driving.

Keep some CDs in the car; listening to music while driving can be quite relaxing. You can always opt for some Cretan Music, in order to get to know the music culture and tradition of the island you are visiting.

Needless to say, you should always check the amount of fuel in the car; keep your car always full with gas, because you might get lost or need to stay out during night. Although Crete features quite many gas stations, there is no need to be under stress while looking desperately for one.

Avoid driving in remote areas during night or in places where road conditions are not good. If you do not have an off road vehicle, avoid off road drives, since possible damages in the car are of the clients’ responsibility. 

Always keep the contact numbers of Crete Car Hire - Eurocar with you and have some emergency numbers – police etc – with you at all times.  


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