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Crete Car Hire Requirements

Basic Requirements to hire a car in Crete

greek driver's licenseIf you want to rent a car during your stay in Crete, all companies will demand that you meet a few requirements. If all the necessary prerequisites are met, you will be able to choose the car you want and spend lovely holidays on the island of Crete, wandering around the cities, beaches, historical monuments, museums and attractions.

Driver's License

A valid driver’s license is the first and most important requirement. Your driver’s license should be valid and bear all your personal data according to the international regulations.

Even if your license is not issued within the European Union, but in some other country, such as the US or Canada, you will need to have a European Driver’s Permit in order to be able to rent a car.

Your license should neither e suspended nor revoked or expired. You also need to have a license for more than one year.

Driver's Age

In Greece and Crete you need to be at least twenty one years old in order to rent a car. Your driver’s license and your ID or passport will prove your age, so that you can finish with the bureaucratic procedures. In some cases companies do not rent cars to people more than 70 years old.

These are the basic and general requirements you need to meet in order to hire a car in Crete. However, it is good to remember that you need to check with Eurocar prior to any arrangement, in order to make sure that no specific requirements are needed.

Eurocar will let you know on any changes or recent developments regarding car rental. However if you meet the basic requirements you will be more than fine.


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