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Gas and Petrol Stations in Crete

Information on Fuel Availability and Gas Prices in Crete

Gas stations working hours and time tables

gas stations in creteGas and petrol stations in Crete exist in abundance, both in the cities or outside, along the big highways or rural roads.

They are usually open for business every day except Sundays; although during summer months the timetable is rather extended. From May to September most gas stations are open from 6am to 10.30pm, while during winter months they are open from 6am to 9pm.

Since during summer months traffic is huge due to the high tourist season, there is always at least one gas station open during night and on Sundays.

Greek laws also require from municipalities and prefectures to have some gas stations open overnight in order to prevent misfortunes and frustrating incidents.

Where to call to find an open gas station

All gas stations have their time table on display outside the facility. If, nevertheless, you are not sure where to find an open gas station, you can call the police or the taxi stations in Crete that will inform you on the availability at any time.

Average cost per town

The average cost of gas can be slightly different depending on whether you buy gas in the big cities or smaller areas. The average price of unleaded petrol in Crete is 1.80€ - 1.90€ per litre. Find the cheapest petrol prices in Crete (external link).


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