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Avoid Police Tickets in Crete

Be careful and cautious when driving in Crete

greek traffic policePolice tickets in Crete and Greece in general are quite costly, therefore you are advised to abide by traffic and driving laws and regulations at all times.

Any ticket you might get from the police for violating some of the Greek traffic laws are completely your responsibility, since Crete Car Hire Eurocar can do nothing but advise you to be careful and cautious when driving. In any case though you should contact our Crete Car Hire offices in the case you receive a ticket.

If you want to avoid paying tickets in exorbitant prices, you should always take under consideration the basic traffic laws that exist in Greece.

What you should always keep in mind during your driving in Crete:

  1. Wear your seat belt at all times. Recently a new law was introduced; according to it, you will receive a ticket if the driver or the co-driver are not both wearing their belts.
  2. You should not drive your car after consuming alcohol under no circumstances. Tickets for driving DUI are extremely costly, not to mention that you might end up at the police station. Alcohol tests are frequent and the limit is 0,50 mg.
  3. Always drive according to speed signs on the streets. You should respect the speed limits in Cretan Roads, both in highways and within the city limits, not only because you can avoid getting a ticket, but because you can be safe and enjoy your holidays in Crete hassle-free.
  4. Avoid parking your car in places where it is not permitted. Road signs in Crete are plentiful and distinctive, therefore try to avoid pitfalls.
  5. Always have the necessary documents with you; the car hire receipt, your driver’s license, the car’s license and all necessary documentation provided by Crete Car Hire Eurocar.
  6. Under no circumstances cross any red traffic light; police can be very strict in this case, and there is no reason to put yourself or your family in any danger anyway.
  7. Do not pass another car unless you are allowed to, based on the pertinent road signs and lines.

Following the same simple rules and laws you follow in your country or city of origin can help you avoid unnecessary tickets and expenses during your stay in Crete.


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