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Our "green" car hire policy

eco-friendly car hire in Crete


Hundreds of cars are hired daily on Crete and driven from end to end of the island. All these cars contribute to atmospheric pollution to a greater or lesser extent.

We at Crete Car Hire – Eurocar care about the environment and are doing all we can to reduce the impact of our hire cars.

Our Eurocar “Green Policy” includes:

  • Replacing our cars before they are over 5 years old, because new cars are less polluting.
  • Keeping the engines of our hire cars in good repair to ensure lower fuel consumption and less air pollution.
  • Replacing the tyres at the first signs of wear.
  • Frequent checking of tyre pressure, because partially-deflated tyres increase fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Good maintenance of the air conditioning systems in our cars. If the air conditioning is not working properly, this can lead to increased fuel consumption and air pollution.
  • When washing our cars we use environmentally-friendly chemicals and make sure we use as little water as possible.
  • In our offices we use recycled paper and low-energy light bulbs, and try to avoid turning on the air conditioning, leaving doors and windows open to let the sea breeze keep the rooms cool.
  • We plan to install solar panels at our offices in the near future. Unfortunately, investment in solar power systems on the sunny island of Crete is not encouraged as much as it should be by the Greek State.

Green driving guidelines

  1. Don’t leave the engine running when you stop. If you are going to stop somewhere for over a minute, it’s better to turn the engine off to avoid wasting fuel.
  2. Don’t use the air conditioning in your hire car unless you have to. Open the windows and let the breeze cool you down and bring you the scent of Cretan thyme and herbs.
  3. Observe the speed limit. Lower speeds mean less fuel and fewer dangerous gases in the atmosphere. Also, speeding fines are very high and can ruin your holidays.
  4. If you notice that your tyres need air, stop at the next petrol station and top them up. Partially-deflated tyres increase fuel consumption amazingly.
  5. Don’t drive on your brakes.
  6. Crete is a mountainous island and there are lots of hills. Try to drive uphill at a steady speed, avoiding accelerating. This will economise at lot on fuel.
  7. If you notice a mechanical problem with your hire car, get in touch with us immediately so we can fix it.
  8. Many Cretan cities now have recycling programmes. Please dispose of plastic, glass, aluminium and paper in the special blue bins provided.

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